Hello again! We had a moment so heartwarming recently we knew we had to share it with you. On March 14th, Kevin (Beds for Kids Volunteer & Partnerships Manager) was running a family bingo night at Charlotte Country Day School. At the end of the night, after asking for donations, a young boy came up to him and offered him all the money in his hand, which turned out to be a dollar and a half. Kevin then turned around to see a line full of children with change and dollar bills in their hands waiting to give money so that another child could sleep on a bed.


We are reminded by this story that no amount is too small. Beyond that however, this shows that a child’s first reaction upon hearing that someone is in need is to help however he/she can. That dollar-fifty, and the rest of the roughly eighty-eight dollars given by those kids that night will go way further than many of us can fathom.

We hope this story excites and inspires you the same way it did us. We’ll also leave you with this (possibly) interesting fact; prior to the Egyptians, it is believed that most beds were made of hay laid on top of raised stones. Yikes!

Top 5 Needs: Dressers, Bunk Beds, Coffee/End Tables, Nightstands & Queen Bedding