Hello again! We had a moment so heartwarming recently we knew we had to share it with you. On March 14th, Kevin (Beds for Kids Volunteer & Partnerships Manager) was running a family bingo night at Charlotte Country Day School. At the end of the night, after asking for donations, a young boy came up to him and offered him all the money in his hand, which turned out to be a dollar and a half. Kevin then turned around to see a line full of children with change and dollar bills in their hands waiting to give money so that another child could sleep on a bed.


We are reminded by this story that no amount is too small. Beyond that however, this shows that a child’s first reaction upon hearing that someone is in need is to help however he/she can. That dollar-fifty, and the rest of the roughly eighty-eight dollars given by those kids that night will go way further than many of us can fathom.

We hope this story excites and inspires you the same way it did us. We’ll also leave you with this (possibly) interesting fact; prior to the Egyptians, it is believed that most beds were made of hay laid on top of raised stones. Yikes!

Top 5 Needs: Dressers, Bunk Beds, Coffee/End Tables, Nightstands & Queen Bedding

Blogs Are Back

Happy Tuesday! We are excited to announce that our blogs are making a comeback. We are blessed with an abundance of supporters in our mission to positively affect the community we are all a part of. With that in mind, we will start blogging so you, our supporters, can stay in the know with how we are advancing our mission within the community. We will be sharing stories, statistics, items in need, ways you can get involved, and fun facts with you. We look forward to hearing from you so be on the look out for ways you can interact with us via the blog too!

For now, we will leave you with this little fact; last year we delivered 1,881 beds, which, beyond being the same number backwards as forwards, would also stretch 2.2 miles, which is roughly the distance from our warehouse to the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions and/or inquire about volunteering. We can’t do what we do without the help of volunteers!

Current Top 5 Needs

  • Kitchen Chairs
  • Dressers
  • Coffee Tables/End Tables
  • Sofa/Loveseat/Chairs
  • Queen Beds/Queen Bedding

A New Season for Brandon

My time at Beds for Kids first began in October of 2010 when Tim Rowley offered to take me to lunch at Firebird’s restaurant knowing that I was looking for work and that he had a vision laid out for him by God that needed additional hands.  A few weeks later I found myself having a very memorable conversation with Daniel (our current Executive Director) about this vision that Tim had casted and how we both we’re also being led to serve as brokers between “the haves” and “have nots” in Charlotte. And God has since taken us for an amazing journey that I could never have imagined.

Now, it’s more than three and half years later and I feel the Spirit of the Lord moving me again.

It’s the truest understanding of the definition of “bittersweet” for me.  Beds for Kids has been this unique and amazing journey that the Lord brought me in to- a gift really for me to grow in and be part of that I could not have even come close to in my own vision-casting and strength; only God’s.  Although I’ve seen the delivery of thousands of beds and furniture to hundreds of homes it’s really me who feels like the greatest recipient in all of this.  I’ve got four great co-workers, whom have really been like three brothers and a sister to me. And like siblings- it’s been both beautiful and hard at times; but it’s all been the Father’s plan and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I’ve grown a lot- and still have much more growing to do, but will never forget this time here as I’m led elsewhere.

So this Friday, August 1, I will finish my last day as an employee at BFK.  I do not currently have a place to tell you that I am going to next; aka, another job.  And it all does sound a bit crazy; I’m leaving for the simple reason that I feel that the Lord has brought my time here to a close and now he is guiding me to a new season that is waiting.  But just as my journey began with Beds for Kids, with only a promise and vision from the Lord requiring my obedience to his calling, so it ends and another begins.  I say this confident that God has all of my needs and BFKs needs taken care of- confident that this is exactly his plan for myself and BFK. I’m very excited to see what new growth, new talent and ideas come to BFK as someone else comes to work here. And I’m just as excited to see God’s faithfulness in leading me to the place he has next for me and my family.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve somehow and someway supported BFK before. And I can’t tell you the gratitude I have for you and for all those who have joined us in our mission to serve this city with beds and furniture as our currency to share the Gospel of Christ.  I ask you to continue to pray for our organization, our mission, our faith (individually and collectively), and for the Lord’s glory to be revealed in it all so that many would come to believe in his name.  That’s why Beds for Kids began and what we have aimed to do in all things since.

I will remain to be in Charlotte and after this Friday can be reached at my personal email if you’d like to contact me (  Thank you again for your support, may we all continue to take great satisfaction in serving the Lord in each place that he has purposefully placed us.


brandon holmes

Kids Day Camp Visit

This past Monday we had an opportunity to host 50 kids, ages 6-12, at our warehouse from a day camp at Myers Park United Methodist Church. We’ve experienced first-hand the generosity and compassion of young ones like these who want to help those in need in our city and so we are always excited to share our organization’s mission with more kids, no matter their age.
We gave the kids a tour of our warehouse while telling stories of how God has provided for our needs in the past three years; including bunk beds, pillows and blankets that have been answered prayers.
At the end we asked each of them to first design a coloring sheet that asked each child what their favorite thing was in their bedroom. Then, we asked them to design bookmarks to be placed in the kids’ Bibles that we hand out to each family that we deliver to. At the end we all circled up and prayed for their time at camp this week and for the kids and their families that BFK will soon serve.

Here are a couple photos of some of the kids’ responses to their favorite items in their rooms as well as some bookmark designs:
photo 2

photo 3 (2)

photo 4

photo 1

Kids Serve Saturday In Review

Why don’t those kids have a bed..? ” were the responses of a 7-year old girl whose dad was standing beside her as they walked around the BFK warehouse on a tour.

On May 31st we hosted a special volunteer day meant for families to bring their kids (14 and younger) to learn about our mission and serve families with similar aged children who are in need in Charlotte.  Part of our goal as an organization is to develop so much awareness in our city that our services become less and less needed because we have such a socially-conscious community that takes personal responsibility and cares for the needs of their neighbors.  And as we, the staff, learned from Kids Serve Saturday there is never an age too young to start encouraging them towards this mindset of selflessness, wisdom, and service. Continue reading Kids Serve Saturday In Review

Kids Serve Saturday

When: Saturday, May 31st, 9am until 1pm

Where: 2519 S. Tryon St. Charlotte 28203


Families with kids 14 years and younger are invited to stop by the Beds for Kids warehouse for a service learning opportunity anytime between 9am and 1pm on May 31st. This is a great time for parents and their children to learn about Beds for Kids together and participate in a service activity that will benefit other children in our city.

For more information and to RSVP contact Brandon Holmes at and/or 980-254-3921.

We look forward to seeing you!



Announcement: Your dollar will be doubled up to $25,000!

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas and you’re sitting around your dining room table eating a Thanksgiving meal or maybe your children are nestled in their beds waiting on Santa to come place presents under the tree, consider what it would be like if your family didn’t have that table to eat your meals at or your children didn’t have a bed to call their own. Since Beds for Kids inception in January 2011, we have been able to change that by providing over 1,550 beds to children and their families and over 8,280 units of essential furniture items. Continue reading Announcement: Your dollar will be doubled up to $25,000!

My Children Need Lamps

Recently Daniel and I sat down with Jeanette Reber, principal at Ashley Park Elementary, a Title I school on Charlotte’s West side. Mrs. Reber graciously gave us an hour and half of her time sharing, with much passion, the challenging environment the majority of her students live in daily. Every principal in Charlotte has a tough job ensuring the learning atmosphere is prime for their students’ success; however, principals like Mrs. Reber have additional struggles they must consider when caring for the students they shepherd and lead. Continue reading My Children Need Lamps

The Crawford Family Delivery Story

The Crawford family excitedly greeted our delivery team at the front door with huge smiles and hugs.  Four generations of women were in the house, from grandma to great granddaughter; all standing in the kitchen in joyful conversation (holding the littlest who was just 2 years old).  As each new bed was brought in the women shouted with gratitude and surprise at how great it was to finally have the much needed beds, the new kitchen table, a sofa and dressers in their home.  Continue reading The Crawford Family Delivery Story